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Matthew Benton - Owner

I was born in Charlotte, NC and raised in the small town of Kernersville, NC. After high school, I attended East Carolina University, studying construction management and business. I then moved back to Charlotte in 2008 to begin my career in real estate. I have always had a passion for building businesses and self-employment. My goal is to provide the best possible service to my clients while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.


My family has deep roots in the Charlotte area and has been here for generations. Both of my parents were raised in Charlotte, where they met and married. I have two older sisters who are happily married and living in NC. My sisters have also blessed us with 8 wonderful nieces and nephews. My true motivation and drive is provided by my beautiful wife and daughters Stefanie, Harper and Daelyn. Stefanie and I met in Charlotte in 2009 and we were married 3 years later near her home town in Connecticut. Harper was born in 2014 and Daelyn in 2016. Nothing brings me more happiness than these three ladies and making their lives better is my purpose in life!


I have lived in North Carolina my entire life and can't imagine anything different. I was born in Charlotte, raised in Kernersville, went to college in Greenville and moved back to Charlotte after college. My wife and I have since settled down in Charlotte, NC with my our two children and truly love this city.


My experience in this field began in college by majoring in construction management and becoming familiar with many aspects of real estate. After college, I became a real estate appraiser in January of 2008. I worked as an appraiser for 6 years before becoming a Realtor. I then worked with Keller Williams Realty for over 2 years, selling homes and better familiarizing myself with the industry. I quickly realized my passion was for measuring real estate and providing the best possible service to my clients. With that in mind, I created Measure America.

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